The Alberta Aquatic Rejuvenation & Rehabilitation Program –

Over the years, I became an outdoorsman and gained an appreciation for our wild spaces. As a landscape artist I have always painted water as a focal point of the painting for with out water man would have nothing. Over the years, I was drawn to water quality issues from my experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our watershed is in trouble and it is the mandate of our generation to preserve our water for future generations.


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It is an easy thing to say “Fix the Water” but it is a very complex issue, one that has been viewed as a commodity not a “Living and Breathing Organism”. Without the observations and teachings of Vicktor Schauberger and other information which became public knowledge in 1976 is available to solve some of our problems.

From this new information, innovators and students of Vicktor Schauberger have been studying different aspects of his research and specific areas have been developed in Europe that has great promise for North America.This research has developed what is known as “Vortex Process Technology” and the concept of “Living Water” which has applications in Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture, Tailings Ponds Settlement, Oil & Water Separation, Cooling Tower Efficiency Improvements, Lakes and Rivers.

Vortex Technology can be summed up as “why does a house implode and then get sucked up when it is hit by a tornado?”. if “Gravity” can be defined as Kinetic energy then “Levity” is expressed in the form of potential energy. Under the condition of creating a vacuum in the center of the tornado, the vacuum pulls the house apart and the debris is sucked up into the air. The debris is not using lift like an airplane wing to fly, they are being pushed up by the vacuum effect created by lower air pressure in the centre of the Vortex.