AARRP: “Inverted Cube” to Oloid – Water Rejuvenation Device

After Paul Schatz was able to put a mathematical equation the motion of “Kinematic Inversion” he started to contemplate the movement in the form of a poly-solid.

Oloidmath1 Oloidmath2


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100% of the surface area of the Oloid makes contact with the medium over a 360′ rotation.

This efficiency results in superior mixing and economical electrical use, the use of impellers, propellers, centripetal pumps and most water pumping systems use a significant amount of energy to perform the same level of mixing due to kinematic inversion (10X).

For the first time in history we have a design of the poly solid which matches the action of the motion to produce a vortex that will penetrate to the bottom of the waterbody and create a vacuum in the bottom of the lake and through the principles of “levity”; Dense water at 4’C  is then lifted to the surface and is then spread on the surface.


So from Paul Schatz’s mind has developed the world best in “Water Rejuvenation Devices” known as the Oloid 400X.