AARRP: Formulation of Program


Once I had studied the work of Schauberger and others, my original goal was to develop technology that would be able to use Schauberger principles and allow us to invent a device to help solve this stratification problem and as a result cool the lake will the cool water on the bottom of the waterbody. This is when we came up with the idea of manipulating the amount of water at 4’C in the bottom of the lake. During the winter we would use the external ambient temperature to cool the water under the ice to create a large reservoir of water at 4’C, during the summer months this cooler water would be circulated by what we called a¬†Water Rejuvenation Device (WRD). This WRD was invented by Felix Hedinger and uses Schauberger cones to make the endothermic reaction of water.



So I looked on the internet and found a limited number of products, one of the products, a Schauberger Funnel was available so we started talking and this lead us to our “Big Break” and that was meeting Nevin Eckert. Nevin was very interested in what we were doing and we started talking and discovered that we did not have to do any development and that he through his 25 years experience has access to some of these products.