AARRP: About


AARRP is a program dedicated to reclaiming our water resources and re-establishing high water quality for its different applications. AARRP Technology has had proven application history in the following industries:

Aquaculture, Composting, Waste Management, Waste Water Treatment, Co-generation of Agricultural waste into Electricity, Water Treatment; Tailings Ponds Treatment, Produced Water Restoration, Recreational Lakes and River Systems.

Thermoclines or temperature levels in lakes were fundamental to Schauberger understanding of how the health of a lake is based on its temperature. Schauberger discovered that the bacterial and organic life forms that “choke out” a lake thrive with increased temperature.………….

The problem is we need to cool our lakes and rivers.

In the winter, the ambient temperature of the water under the ice is 1 ’C, 2’C, 3’C or 4’C. We can manipulate the MVLB-4’C during the summer to keep up to the effects of climate change and keep the water resource cooler through the warmer weather.

To maintain the balance of organic matter and temperature in natural lakes, we first need to measure the temperature and the amount and variety of organic material.

Safe Area analyzer

Tailings Pond Section

Typical Surface and Bottom Units in combination.