AARRP: The “Living Aquarium” by AARRP

One of the major Applications for the Oloid 400X is the use in aquariums.

Technology can be used to create an artificial environment for fish whether it be at home or at a public institution, the survival of the fish is solely dependant on how clean you keep your water.

Our lakes and rivers are being killed by the depletion of dissolved Oxygen in the water. We know the Sturgeon River (Info: City of St. Albert)  has 1 ppm of oxygen and 6 -10 ppm Oxygen is required for a healthy fish population.  (See AARRP Projects ESSEP Page)

We can re-engineer technology to restore a healthy water quality in otherwise dying bodies of water. In 2015 the Blue-Green Algae lakes increased from 9 lakes to 22 lakes in Alberta. (AARRP References: “My Wild Alberta”)

Just like the lapping of water the Oloid 400X has an soothing effect on the water which does not disturb fish in their habitat.

Note: See video below for Slow motion view of the Oloid 400X.



Click (IMG_2653) to see video.

Over a 24 Hour period the Oloid 400X will circulate 16800 M3 of water at a cost of 250 Watts of power.